PRIS Framework

Dec 25, 2016

PRIS framework ("PRIS") is adopted from BeaconRock Investments. PRIS is used as the main assessment tool of BeaconRock Investments who created it to evaluate investment potential of startups. PRIS has been used to evaluate hundreds of startups since 2013.

PRIS is a holistic approach to assess companies as it takes into account both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the businesses.

PRIS Assessment Tool

  • Profitability: The startup has to generate sufficient cash flows to provide a healthy return to investors.
  • Innovators: The core team is assessed based on their execution capability, competence, knowledge, experience, fit, and x-factors.
  • Relevancy: The business concept has to be feasible and there has to be demand for it.
  • Scalability: The business has to be able to scale up and expand exponentially.

The scores are matched against our internal metric system. The valuation of the startup is adjusted accordingly to the results obtained from the PRIS framework. Our behavioural finance team works with credit analysis team to provide a final assessment of the company.

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