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Fund Singapore (FS) is working closely with the Peel Development Commission (PDC) and Murdoch University to potentially invest and develop a 290ha agri-tech industrial business park in the Peel region. This business park is envisioned to be the “food bowl” of Asia whose demand for food has been increasing over the past years significantly.

Discussions with PDC started in early October 2017 when PDC, along with Murdoch Singapore, met up with Economic Development Board Singapore (EDB) to outline the potential of the Peel Business Park. The Western Australia government’s vision is to maximise the value of the business park and its surrounding regions, with a land expansion target of 1,000 ha. Till date, the government has committed more than AUD 49 million in funding to facilitate and support the infrastructure of the business park, showcasing many state-of-the-art features and technologies.

From back (L to R): Jin Hao Low (FS Chief Credit Officer), Janine Hatch (PDC Principal Officer), Andrew Ward (PDC CEO), Charlie Clarke (Murdoch School of Law).Front: Professor Lyn Karstadt (Murdoch University Deputy Vice Chancellor International ), Paddi Creevey (PDC Chair), Robyn Clarke MLA (Member for Murray-Wellington), Lester Chan (FS CEO), Dr Christopher Vas (Murdoch SCRIPT Deputy Dean & Director).




As a potential key stakeholder in the Peel Business Park, FS has plans to use ManukaLife, a company FS already invested in, as its showpiece to Asia. This is still in the concept development phase and talks are still in progress. ManukaLife is one of the pioneers in the agri-tech business in Australia and is leading the change in the industry with its R&D breakthroughs and successes. With a potential to incorporate food traceability, bio-secure environment, downstream high value processing, and manufacturing, ManukaLife is an ideal reflection of the Peel Business Park vision.


During the meeting with LandCorp Western Australia, FS proposed the potential concept of using ManukaLife as the “poster boy” of the business park. LandCorp subsequently engaged Mackay Design (who was involved in the new Perth Stadium) to design the case model of ManukaLife in the business park. Below is an artist impression from the concept master plan dated Jan 2018.

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Fund Singapore (FS) COMPLETED the funding of Singapore’s first retail equity campaign, and was achieved in a short span of time. Altogether, FS raised an amount of S$2,400,000 in 2 tranches of S$1,200,000 each, solely from QUALIFIED INVESTORS.

The campaign involved raising funds for 20% shareholdings in ManukaLife Pty Ltd (ManukaLife), a company incorporated in Western Australia (WA). Manukalife has invested heavily in research and development to produce medical grade manuka honey from tea trees (also known as Leptospermum plants). Medical grade manuka honey is highly sought after by pharmaceutical and cosmetic firms all around the world due to its well-known healing and medicinal properties.


Manuka_1    . 

This endeavor has gained much limelight and traction since its infancy, garnering great support from expert plant breeders from Kings Park, the National Park in Perth WA as well as researchers from top academic institutions like University of Sunshine Coast and the University of Western Australia. In addition, the WA federal government and the state government are also strongly supportive and have provided ManukaLife with grants, and in providing potential access to agricultural land.


Completing the funding campaign was no easy feat. The team conducted a total of 12 presentations to qualified investors from all walks of life, introducing them to the concept of crowdfunding and the potential of equity investments, traditionally available only to the accredited and institutional investors.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lester Chan, mentioned that crowdfunding is revolutionizing the financial services industry by bringing great investment opportunities to any qualified investors.


“While crowdfunded securities, like any investments, have its risk, investors can now have direct access and make their own decisions whether to invest.”

Indeed, Fund Singapore is revolutionizing the financial services industry. Fund Singapore works closely with many universities to source for exciting investment opportunities across the Asia Pacific.

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